Looking for an Awesome Passive Income Opportunity That’s NOT too good to be true? Looking for a nice brick beautiful 3 Bedroom to rent? 

Are you looking for a place to call home?!?!

E.L.G Property management is the firm that is associated with the Guru.  We go out and search for the best and most desirable properties. No matter if you have a section 8 voucher or not, your best interest is our #1 goal.

Check out what E.L.G/ The Section 8 Guru can do for you!

De’Anthony Heath of The Section 8 Guru along with E.L.G Property management can help! We provide excellent homes for rent, we help local and international real estate investors who want to take advantage of the low prices to BUY real estate in Detroit and the surrounding area combined with relatively HIGH RENTS from rental demand…all making AWESOME Return on Investment (HIGH ROI).

How do I know The Section 8 Guru is handling my investment properly? Takes Pictures and Videos

  •  Provides Regular Updates
  • Always Available
  •  Has Physical Location Address (Can’t hide!)
  • Screens Tenants, including Extensive Background Check
  • Sets up Escrow Account to Handle Property Rehab Funds
  • Escrow Account to Handle Minor Maintenance Repairs

The Section 8 Guru Helps Make Your Money Work for You

While there is never such a thing as a “guaranteed” investment, there are several things that make investing in real estate properties in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs a less risky investment than several other investment vehicles.

  • Physical Property is Tangible (Building and Land)
  • Detroit housing prices reached historic lows, even more than most other areas of the United States
  • Despite a modest recovery, real estate prices are low, still  Rental Demand remains high; rental rates did not drop as much as housing prices
  • High ROI Potential (Low Purchase Price + High Rent = High ROI)
  • Tenants with Section 8 Vouchers Pay You through Government Program (Guaranteed Rent Collection)

Are you frustrated with your current property manager?

Are you finding that your property manager is not making you feel good about your Detroit real estate investment?  Are you thinking that you are not getting enough investment property updates?  Does it seem like you’re paying more for repairs than you really want?

Are you trying to get in touch with key people, like the General Contractor, on your investment property rehab but never can find anyone?
Can you even find what the condition of the property is?
Maybe you can’t even get in touch with property management company?


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Real estate investing – The Section 8 Guru knows Detroit real estate and how to handle investment properties—the ENTIRE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROCESS.